Your platform

MSP’s high flexibility enables you to design bespoke music services that correspond to your brand and end customer requirements.

MSP has a fully functional and customisable User Interface

We provide a bespoke in-country/territory music experience leveraging a mix of international and local content with a multi-language customer built portal to reflect the mix of content desired by the end users.

MSP can flexibly deliver any combination of business models, including subscription, “freemium”, added-value bundles, or pay per download.

Make your platform available everywhere with MSP’s multiple device integrations: PC, tablet, mobile, IPTV, SmartTV, SONOS, etc.

Select and create your own features. Our dedicated team of experts will help you to develop customised features to offer your customer the ultimate online music experience.


Downloads and Streaming

MSP provides high sound quality downloads and streaming without DRM for a extensive catalogue including country by country specific content.


Editorial feed

Artist and Label pages, album reviews, location-based information such as gig dates.


Music/User Search

Easy for users to find what they are looking for. Possibility to browse by artists, tracks, users, genres, label names or tags.



Increase the online music experience by allowing users to comment and rate any title and receive recommendations.


Music Library

Users can easily create and share their own playlists or subscribe to the ones they like. Their own library is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device.


Community networking tool

Users can build their own profile and share their discovery within users on the platform or other social networks including Twitter and Facebook.


Embeddable Player

Increase your brand awareness by enabling people to embed player widgets with their favourite songs onto external websites.


New Releases

The most anticipated albums and promising debuts are delivered and on your site automatically. Users can listen to new music the day it is released.


Top Charts

Discover the most listened artists, releases and tracks on your platform. No need to wait weeks to see what’s hot – charts are compiled daily!



Get notifications when songs or comments are added to playlists, artists or users you follow.


Interactive Radio

Generate random playlists based on genres, favorite tracks or artists to discover new music every day.


Offline access

Sync music to mobile devices to access it at anytime, anywhere (even when there is no internet connection).