Media Service Provider - Our services.

MSP’s decades of experience working with the music industry at all levels strengthened our partnerships with all the key players to help you build and manage your music service.

Our clients benefit from an end-to-end solution, from billing and account provisioning, right through to content management, data reporting, royalty calculations, customer support, and feature upgrades.

Licensing and Content Management

Our licensing and content management expertise can help you navigate the music rights and supply chain jungle, so you get the music your end users want, fully cleared and delivered on time.

Offer your customers millions of songs easily; MSP manages everything from the technical integrations (content ingestion and hosting), to the day-to-day relationship with hundreds of labels.

Billing and Reporting Tools

MSP provides automated reports for accounting to rights owners to facilitate royalty payments to the industry, but also for charts, CRM and service data analysis so that you have all the information needed to manage efficiently your service.

We can also integrate into customer billing and provisioning systems, so that your customers can be billed alongside your existing services.

Customer Support

MSP supplement an operator’s existing customer support network. We provide training materials for local customer service staff, such as support routine flows, comprehensive guides to all the features of the service (both customer-facing and operational).

Additionally, MSP provide in-person workshops to launch the service as well as ongoing Level 3 support for the lifetime of the service.

Editorial Tools

We provide a Content Management System for editorial content and moderation. These allow local editorial teams to not only select the featured content to appear on different areas of the service, but also to manage the date and order which they appear. An additional set of moderation tools allow users to report inappropriate content, which can then be assessed and removed, notifying the user. In extreme cases, the offending user can be banned from all social features of the service, with their ability to stream music left intact.