Senior Ruby Developer for a Digital Music Service

MSP provides a white-label music platform (http://www.mediasp.com/) for web and mobile devices to clients across the world. We ingest music from all the major labels down to the tiny indies, we make an application to let people stream this, arrange playlists, share with their friends and we report back to the labels and artists so they can be paid for the use of their music.

We are looking for a flexible, experienced and enthusiastic IT professional to join our small, technical development team, responsible for the growth of our music streaming platform, adding new features and maintaining existing ones.

Working in a small team, you’ll get stuck in to a broad range of interesting technologies on a system that is not your typical rails app. You will have a large degree of autonomy and will have responsibility for the future of the product and the company.

We are based in Shoreditch alongside our sister companies, all related to the music industry.

Job Type

This is a permanent role only, no contract work.


Shoreditch, London. This position is on-site.

If you are a recruiter, please do not contact us.

Skills & Requirements

You should have a sound understanding of the principles of good software development (such as design patterns, SOLID principles, common data structures and algorithms) and deployment techniques.

You should be comfortable with unix (debian) development and production environments, and have an enthusiasm to learn and broaden your technical skills.

We love music and we hope you do too!

Essential skills

  • Ruby / JRuby
  • MySQL5
  • Puppet/devops experience
  • Git
  • Unix environments

Desirable skills

  • Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Nginx
  • SphinxSearch
  • CouchDB
  • ElasticSearch
  • Squid

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