Music is the network

MSP, from The state51 Music Group

MSP is one of the world’s most advanced digital music platforms, developed by one of the world’s most experienced teams in digital music.

The MSP journey started in 2003 with a simple idea; one day networks would be part of the music industry, adding Music as a Service to consumer broadband in what we think is a natural bundle. At that time many in the recorded music business were sceptical, or struggled to understand the consumer offering and the revenue flows. These days that reticence seems incredible; we now take streaming for granted and expect ISPs to be selling us additional content services.

Today we are taking that vision one step further, to provide a platform to embed music everywhere where it can be enjoyed, through a secure and authenticated platform designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) as much as for traditional mobile apps and web browsers.

As part of The state51 Music Group we benefit from a shared technical infrastructure, and close cooperation with our successful sister companies, which have been in business since 1991, before the web was born. No other digital music company can claim such a long record of continuous innovation.

We are always happy to hear from people who want to join the team, or have ideas for how we can make our platform better and more successful.

Paul Sanders, founder