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is a B2B white label music solution. MSP enables telecom operators, ISPs and new service providers to deliver compelling music services to your end customers over a wide range of in-home consumer devices including PCs, mobile devices, tablets, IPTVs, SmartTVs and also very soon the SONOS platforms.

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Cutting-edge Music service

Cutting-edge Music service

A high level of customisation enables each operator or service provider to offer a bespoke cutting edge music service that corresponds to your brand, local and international music, and end customer requirements.

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An end-to-end solution

The MSP platform - An end-to-end solution

MSP works closely with the Music industry to assist you at each step of the process.

Benefit from a wide range of services lead by industry experts: from billing and account provisioning, right through to content management, data reporting, and customer support.

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Benefits to Operators

Benefits to Operators - Partnership

Music is sticky, introduces a new revenue stream, reduces churn and adds a new level of loyalty. The MSP model empowers partners to capture the value in online music that currently remains un-monetised.

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